Water Bill Collection

To Pay in Person; The Collectors Hours Are:


Tuesdays           Noon - 2:00 PM 

Wednesdays       Noon - 2:00 PM and 6:00 - 8:00 PM


or mail to:


Town of Lee Water District

PO Box 201

Lee Center, NY  13363 by 10/31/16 

Leaf Bags Available

Green Leaf Bags

The Town of Lee does not pick up green waste, but we do take leaves.  The bags provided to you are for leaves only, and no grass, sod, pine needles or cones, etc. are to be included. 

The reason for this is that the disposal site we use is regulated and inspected by the DEC and if anything other than leaves is found in the bags, they will revoke our permit and we will no longer be able to take your leaves at all.  Please keep this in mind so that we may continue this program for years to come!

The Fall pick up schedule is based on weather factors and past experience and usually coincides with the major leaf-fall times.  

Please contact the company who picks up your trash for their policy on green waste removal. 



                               WHITE GOODS DAY

                    Lee Highway Department 5520 School Street

                   SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22ND, 8AM UNTIL NOON

The Town of Lee is offering our residents the opportunity to dispense of used white goods, metals, tires and batteries.


White Goods Include:  (Free to drop off)    

Washers & dryers

Dishwashers & trash compactors

Ovens, ranges & stoves

Air Conditioners & water heaters


Metal Products – batteries, lawn mowers, weed eaters etc.


Tire Prices: (Cash or Check made payable to Town of Lee)

Light truck/passenger tires                 $5.00 each

Truck tires 20 – 24.5”                       $15.00 each

Tractor tires                                      $20.00 each


Computer & Electronics Drop-off


Scanners, printers


TV’S                                                           Drop off only

                                                     Oct 22nd, 2016

                                             From 8am until noon

                                              Lee Highway garage






5808 Stokes Lee Center Road, Lee Center, NY  13363

Mailing Address:  PO Box 191, Lee Center, NY  13363


22nd Congressional District

47th District State Senate

118th State Assembly

2010 Census - Population 6,486 






Supervisor - John C Urtz
Councilman - Alan Trombley
Councilman - Karl Matt
Councilman - Joshua Szyper
Councilman - Joseph A Goetz
Town Clerk - Sharon Mortis

In Order to Conserve Water

Residents East of Turin Road may water on Even days

Residents West of Turin Road may water on Odd days 


This will help us to keep our water rates as low as possible! 

The Town of Lee does not accept credit or debit card payments at this time.  Cash, check or money orders only please.

Exception:  The Lee Court will accept Mastercard or Visa. 

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Printed On October 21, 2016