Town Hall Reservations (Lee Residents Only)

Contact Pete Maio for reservations at 336-8868 

  •   Plan ahead - you may not book an event for the same month in which you are calling.



The Lee Town Hall is available to all Town residents for meetings, parties, and other social functions.  Availability is on a first-come first-served basis.  Following are some of the rules and regulations that govern the use of the facility.  Complete details are contained within the legal contract that must be signed in order to use the building.


1.      The maximum number of people shall be no more than 50 for the meeting

room and 75 for the auditorium.

2.      No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the building.

3.      No smoking is allowed in the building.

4.      Tape and/or thumbtacks are not to be used on the walls, woodwork or trim.  (most people have used balloon decorating).

5.      Parking is prohibited in the front of the building.  This area is for loading and unloading only.

6.      The main lobby is for ingress and egress only and shall not be used to facilitate party functions unless permission is obtained in advance.

7.      We ask that you NOT keep the doors propped open.  The building is climate controlled.

8.      A $250 security deposit is required and refundable following your event.  The Town Clerk will mail your deposit back to you within 5 days.

9.      In order to defray the costs of utilities and clean-up, a $50 fee is charged for functions if food will be served; $25 for meetings if no food or beverages are served.

10.  The security deposit and fee shall be separate checks.  The checks should be made out to the Lee Town Clerk.

11.  Fees may be waived for community and not-for-profit civic organizations.


If you have booked a date at the Town Hall you are required to do the following:


1.      Phone Peter Maio at 336-8868  three days before your event.  If you do not phone three days before your event we will consider your event canceled.


2.      Notify him of the time you want to get into the building. You must be at the Town Hall at the time you set.


3.      Once the building is open for you, someone must remain in the building.


4.      You may sign your contract and submit your checks on the day of your event.


Please read your contract carefully before signing.  It is a legal agreement between you and the Town of Lee.


***We would like to put together a scrapbook of pictures once the room has been decorated if you have that eye for that sort of thing!  We'd love it if you would donate a couple snapshots of the room once decorated, to be included in the scrapbook, so that others can get some ideas or just enjoy looking at the talented transformations many of you have done!***



For Park Pavilion Reservations, please see "Parks & Recreation" 


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